Linen lovers

About us

Welcome to the natural world of Musé Linen, in which we want to share with you our passion to create ... and love for all children who inspire us every day and motivate them to grow in power!

What exactly are we doing?
Designed and sewn in small tailor shop , which has unique properties for human skin.

Here are some reasons why we love linen material:

  • antiallergic – does not cause allergic appeal
  • antibacterial – resistant to any microorganisms
  • biodegradable – we have one land and we want to care for it intuie
  • it is light and airy – which gives the true feeling of freedom
  • it does not let harmful UV radiation (due to the content of lignin)
  • it is hygroscopic – it absorbs moisture very quickly
  • in linen human sweats 1.5 times less than in cotton
  • it is famous for its spectacular strength and current, which can be enlarged and ennobled is evaluated by the user for years.

We are here for you.
We strive to make every detail in contact with our brand pleasant and recommendable. We hope that our timeless cuts will serve a long time.

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